• Broadcast-grade JVC Mini-DV video camera w/ Miller fluid-head tripod and dolly, external mic and mic boom, 10-channel mixer, various vehicle camera mounts
  • Broadcast-grade JVC Mini-DV edit deck
  • HP DesignJet 90r printer (prints on a continuous roll of paper up to 18" wide) - great for printing full-color C-size drawings (17"x22")
  • Hand-held laser measuring device for any distance up to 250-300 feet (calibrated for accuracy to a steel rod 1.000 meter in length)
  • Passenger platform measuring rig (made of PVC tubing) for measuring distance from platform to near rail and height of platform edge above running surface of rails
  • Highway Grade Crossing Flasher Demonstration Unit (see IWT Website for photo) - used for demonstrating flasher design and maintenance concepts to juries. Stands approx. 7' high and can be broken down into 3 main pieces for transport.
  • Four (4) complete sets of highway grade crossing flashers, that can be used for field visibility reenactments. I have samples of every specific roundel in use, as well as LED inserts, any of which can be installed on the flashers to replicate any specific scenario.
  • Two (2) LCD projectors - one owned by IWT, the other by NARSCI.
  • Rolling Track Gage / Cross Level for track inspection
  • Portable Track Loading Fixture (PTLF) for track inspection / fastenings


  • PhotoModeler Scanner 2010
  • Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements v 4.0
  • Adobe Premiere Elements v 2.0
  • ElectricImage Animation System
  • GE LocoCAM Viewer v 8.4
  • Video

  • Video editing capabilities
  • Animation-ARAS 360
  • Simulation "Collide Software"