Dennis G. Percy, P.E. P.L.S.

ph: (714) 842-6773

Mr. Percy has a bachelors degree in physics, is a registered civil engineer (California-1980-#C 32055—including surveying and seismic), a licensed land surveyor-retired (California-1992-L 6837), and a certified accident reconstructionist (A.C.T.A.R. #1892). He has performed design, analysis, inspection and construction on projects including track, turnouts, switch yards, bridges, culverts, unloading pits, drainage, right of way, walkways and clearances, crane rails, conveyors, retaining walls, highway-rail grade crossings and separations, train stations.

He has over 40 years of experience in design, construction, repair, rehabilitation, cost estimates, maintenance, inspection (including FRA & government agencies) for railroad and commuter track, turnouts/switches, highway-rail grade crossings, grade crossing surfaces & low clearance vehicles (low boy), bicycle crossings, pedestrian crossings, railroad walkways and toe paths.

He was employed by Santa Fe Railway for five years and worked for various private railroad contractors for eleven years. He worked on highway-rail grade crossing improvement projects, performed accident investigations, and investigated many derailments. Work was on mainline and industrial trackage. He has completed the design of several hundred railroad construction projects.

Mr. Percy has lectured on various railroad safety topics to include: hard to throw switches, clearances, and walkways. He attends seminars, classes and on-line training to sharpen his skills and add new skills helpful to his clients. He is proficient in site photography and uses photography to establish geometric relationships at the site including the use of photogrammetry.

    Mr. Percy has testified in federal and state
    courts on the following issues:

  • FELA/Worker Safety
  • Track Walkways & Clearances
  • Switches, Track Tools & Equipment
  • Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Safety
  • Private Grade Crossing Safety
  • Pedestrian/Bicycles Grade Crossing Safety
  • Human Factors—Perception Reaction Time
  • Grade Crossing Surface Materials Issues
  • Railroad Right of Way
  • FRA Track Safety Standards