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Robert W. Halstead
IronWood Technologies, Inc. @ 300 Sedgwick Drive Syracuse, NY USA 13203
ph: (315) 424-2500 or (800) 473-2476

Mr. Halstead is a railroad operations and signaling consultant, accident investigator and reconstructionist. Expert on railway signaling matters, including the design, maintenance and testing of rail-highway grade crossings. BS-Electrical Engineering – Syracuse University. 34 years in railway operations, 9 of which were with Conrail as a Signal Design Engineer and Supervisor of Signal Construction and Maintenance – Albany Division. Planned and directed numerous “cutovers”, the extensive signal testing required when placing new signal and rail-highway grade crossing installations in service. Formerly qualified as a locomotive engineer on a shortline railroad in upstate NY. Familiar with Federal Railroad Administration rules and regulations and railway operating and safety rules compliance issues. Fully accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) as a Traffic Accident Reconstructionist, recognized as an expert in Human Factors as they relate to drivers approaching rail/highway grade crossings. Certified by the Collision Safety Institute, Inc., as a Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) System Operator.

Extensive experience in railroad-related computer generated animation for accident reconstruction and advanced concept visualization. Films professional-grade video in the field and produce finished productions in IWT’s in-house video editing suite. Produces detailed 3D scans of crossings and accident scenes to facilitate advanced accident scenario visualization. Conduct advanced scientific railroad accident investigation and reconstruction for either plaintiff or defense, presenting findings via deposition and/or trial.

train controlMemberships: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) – Intelligent Transportation Systems Committee, Transportation Research Board (TRB), National Association of Railroad Safety Consultants and Investigators (NARSCI) (President Emeritus), American Mensa, Ltd., Past member – Toastmasters International (Area Governor 1999-2000).

Mr. Halstead’s detailed Bio is available upon request.